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Exploring the Deeper Meaning Behind The Matrix Story (part 1)

This documentary is an exploration of the philosophical and religious meaning of "The Matrix" story. It is a compilation of essays, movie excerpts, and lecture clips that help explain the symbolism of the characters and story elements.

This movie covers "The Second Renaissance" episode of "The Animatrix" and the first movie, "The Matrix."


17 U.S.C. § 107 : US Code - Section 107 (the doctrine of "fair use") permits the reproduction of the movie scenes contained within this documentary, which is itself intended for criticism, comment, teaching, and scholarship. The purpose and character of the use of the movie scenes contained within this documentary is for nonprofit educational purposes only.

NONE of the content of this documentary belongs to the maker of this film (including: movie scenes, music, still pictures/artwork, sound effects, or video animation).

Language English


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